The Cost Of Life Throughout The War Essay

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The cost of life throughout the war was unbearable; there were fifty-eight thousand two-hundred and twenty American deaths (National Archives, August 2013). The United States had forty-thousand nine-hundred and thirty-four K.I.A., two-hundred and thirty-six soldiers died of homicide, nine-hundred and thirty-eight died from an illness, five-thousand two-hundred and ninety-nine died of wounds, nine-thousand one-hundred and seven died accidentally, three-hundred and eighty-two were self-inflicted, only thirty-two body remains were discovered, ninety-one body remains were not discovered and one-thousand two-hundred and one were declared dead. Out of the fifty-eight thousand two-hundred twenty American casualties fifty-eight thousand two-hundred and twelve were men and only eight of them were women, seven-thousand four-hundred and eighty-four women severed out of the 2.59 million veterans that served during the war (National Archives, August 2013). 61% of the men killed were twenty-one years of age or younger (World History Center, April 12,1997). The youngest man killed in vietnam was sixteen years old, the oldest was sixty-two; the war left seventy-five thousand veterans severely disabled due to injuries and illnesses (History Channel, June 2,2008). The lives lost and the trauma that these heroes had faced was not worth it, we had no business being there fighting a war that wasn 't ours; even through it all South Vietnam still happened to lose the war. About 82% of the war…

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