Essay about The Cost Of A Post Secondary Education

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In high school, one is taught that once you step out into the Real World, everything changes relatively quick, which so far I have found to be true. All of the once popular people now come crawling back to the ones they used to prey upon because they were smart. The value of a dollar to a person in university is extremely higher than that of a high-schooler, and the fact that most professors in university don 't specifically teach in class. Thus, the all around responsibility put on a person in post secondary education is ridiculously high in comparison to that in high school.
The cost of a post secondary education in Canada varies, but the average student pays upwards of $16,600 per year ("Cost of post-secondary education", 2016) for four years. This totals to $66,400. Being that, an average students ' income is $11 to $12 an hour, minus taxes, mathematically just does not make sense for living costs. Since most students go to school full time (9-15 credit hours), work part time (0-30 hours a week), and volunteer (1-3 hours a week), one is basically paying to have a mental breakdown or fail. Ever since I was a kid, all I have heard from teachers to television shows is that, time is money. The truth of that statement really did not hit me until I ventured out of my teenage years to legalhood. Spending six hours in school every second day, Professors expect for every hour spent in class is one to two hours of work at home. This means twelve hours of homework for every day…

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