The Cost Of A College Education Essay

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College education is perceived as the ultimate achievement in anyone’s lifetime. To finally receive an acceptance letter to a university or college, only then waiting four additional years to actually begin your dream career. Then there is a possibility of finding a job in your intended career or going to graduate school. All these decisions and money “well invested” makes people wonder, if any of it was worth it. The cost of a college education effects the outcome of student-loan debts and prospective job opportunities. As many have heard before, “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi). Every school quotes this, but as I remember correctly Gandhi was never specific about relating to school or a higher education. He meant to achieve and empower others to change their lifestyle through inner peace and make the world a better place. College has not always been an option, mainly because of the stress of financial costs. Forbes opinionated that people could advance without a college diploma. They describe that, “having that degree is a competitive advantage in landing a job, but success always depended on personal performance rather than educational pedigree” (Leef). Meaning a degree is a completion of four years of sleepless nights, studying for final exams. Though college may seem like the go-to for a glamourous career, one might see it as a “financial trap”.
There have been many studies that show college students are collecting more debt than college…

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