Violence: The Correlation Between Video Games And Violence

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What is the first thing that comes to your head when you hear the word video games? For some, it is an object that is fun and different, while for others it is a violent and dangerous tool that are available to young and impressionable kids. Video games have been around for some decades now. The question is: is it possible that video games affect the way people think and behave? Do violent games make people become more aggressive? What exactly is the correlation between violence and video games, and its effects on its players? There are many questions about video games and how they influence people, but there aren’t any concrete proof. Some people say that video games have a negative influence because they stimulate violence. In my opinion, this is nonsense, of course, that video games aren’t perfect they have their defects but they are mostly inoffensive. There are many types of research that prove that video games are beneficial not only to children, teens but even to adults. Video Games have been around for quite some time, and it has become society’s scapegoat when dealing with youth crime and violence. Even after decades of studies, psychologists haven’t even come closer to prove the correlation between video games and violence. One of …show more content…
Many say that the research was bias based on “delineated several strong conclusions on the basis of inconsistent or weak evidence” (2) and that the APA used a meta-analysis of archaic studies instead of conducting new research in order to acquire objective and up to date proof. The APA makes its case by stating that the result was “that there’s no single factor that can drive someone toward violence or aggression, but that violent video games could be classified as one risk factor”

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