Essay on The Corporate Wom A New Title Of The New Millennium

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The Corporate Woman
By Dr Sapna S. | Submitted On October 19, 2014

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Expert Author Dr Sapna S.
The Corporate woman: A new title of the new millennium. Many connotations are associated with this title, some positive and some not so positive. While the new corporate woman is glorified to be bold, smart, efficient, intelligent, organized, ambitious and independent, she is also feared to be too aggressive, over ambitious, jealously competitive and dangerously out going. Sometimes she is also blamed to be neglecting the family, not being a good cook, asking for too much freedom and being self- centered. And yet the question is, "Has the woman really changed?" Then the next question arises, "Have we ever known the woman well?" And most of all, "How are these women feeling about all this?" Our quest begins somewhere here.

In the book titled "Why men don 't listen and why women can 't read maps" by Allan and Barbara Pease, there is a fascinating theory about why men and women are the way they are. The reason is traced back to the stone- age when life was simple and revolved around survival. The men were the bread- winners i.e. hunters and…

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