The Controversy Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay

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Imagine being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, having to gain symptoms that range from speech problems, cognitive impairment, bowel and bladder difficulties, and difficulty with coordination. After going to the doctors’ for a few years, they decide to try a kind of medical science. They take a few skin cells from one of your appendages and with the help of microscopic technology, they transfer your nucleus into a donor egg that had its own nucleus removed. Then, a type of stimulation allows your nucleus to start dividing, creating new cells with only your DNA. With these new embryonic stem cells, they would lead to the cells that have caused your brain to deteriorate and restore your brain’s capability of functioning well again. This will reverse the process of you getting Multiple Sclerosis by recreating any kind of tissue with your DNA and therefore, you’re cured (Reagan par. 4).
The controversy of embryonic stem cell research has been started since the late 1990’s after a group of scientists have discovered how to draw out stem cells from embryos. Knowing this, the questions of morality like, “At what point does life begin to consider it murder?” and “Is the destruction of embryos worth saving other patients?” Throughout all of these years, it has been a debate on whether or not to use embryonic stem cells as part of medicine and to be federally funded in the United States. In 2004, members of Congress have signed a bill in regards to having President Bush to allow…

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