The Continuation Of Inclusive School Practices Essay

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The continuation of inclusive school practices is ultimately influenced by the attitudes of the teacher, parents of students both whom have a disability and whom do not, and the overall community.

The teachers’ attitudes highly depend on the amount of pre-service training with differentiating the curriculum and the support in maintaining these practices (Forlin, et al., 2009). The views of parents range in regards to inclusion, with some attitudes due to misconceptions and uninformed information. The community attitudes range, with some views generally not supportive of people with a disability, therefore not as involved in the school community practices. Recommendations have been made on aligning these views with current policies in order to develop more inclusive school and classroom practices.

An inclusive teacher is one who strives to understand their students as individuals, teaches towards the students strengths and works towards how they can best provide for their learning to enable growth (Pearce, 2009).

The Disability Standards for Education 2005 provide recommendations for educators to undertake improvement towards curriculum and assessment alterations for students with a disability (Hsien, Brown & Bortoli, 2009). The Disability Policy, implemented by the Department of Education and Training, Queensland (n.d –a) to ensure schools adhere to the Disability Standards for Education 2005, makes clear that schools need regular adjustments in place to ensure all…

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