Essay about The Constitution Of The Texas Constitution

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The Texas constitution is amended by a set of rules outlined in Article 17 of the Texas Constitution. First process is the proposals. The proposals must be initiated during a regular or special session of the legislature, and by two-thirds majority. 100 house members and 21 senate members must vote to submit the proposed changes to the voters. The Governor does not have the power to veto a proposed amendment. The next step is scheduling a date of the election of which the amendment will be voted on by the public. The Legislature specifies the date. Three months before the election the proposed amendment must be published once a week for four weeks in a newspaper in each county. When possible the amendment are placed on the ballot in general elections to avoid the expense of a separate called election. Only a simple majority half plus1 of the citizens that choose to vote is needed for ratification, making it rather easy to add amendments. The final passage or rejection of the amendments are officially proclaimed by the Governor.

The Texas Constitution of was the last successful series of new, updated and revised constitution. However, in 1970‘s there were multiple proposals to change, update and delete obsolete amendments. The obsolete amendments were called deadwood. Another series of amendment changes was proposed in the late 1980’s but did not advance quite as far as the attempts made in the 1970’s.
In 1971, the 62nd, Texas Legislation passed a resolution to…

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