The Importance Of Free Higher Education

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Millions of graduating seniors are expecting to attend college and will be met with the high cost of tuition. There has been a rapid increase in cost to public universities and colleges. While some activist believe free higher education is the best way to fight the rise in college tuition, there will be serious consequences to the economy.
The recorded problem of rising college tuition has become an issue in many families. This expensive cost of a college education has multiple reasons for concern. For instance, one of the major causes is the under funding of public colleges by states. State funding for public universities has been fluctuating; but above all, decreasing for the past twenty years (Campos). Currently, Illinois is struggling to
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Public universities are assumed to be more affordable than private universities; but students are still taking out massive loans with stressful interest rates. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average student loan debt in 2014 was $33,000 (Swartz). Some actions need to be taken to make college more affordable for Americans.
Some say the United States should provide free public higher education. Many people believe that free higher education is a right for all Americans. They believe they are entitled because they already receive free education up through twelfth grade. Also, they defend that free higher education provide equality between the poor, who cannot afford it, and the rich who will be paying for
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With free higher education, we would see a major drop in quality of these public universities. With the vast increase of student filling lectures, and the professors under paid, they will lose their motivation to teach (Babazi). They would not be the only ones to lose motivation; the students will perform poorly because there is no incentive to work hard. When financially, everything is on the line for students, they will tend to work harder; and those are the students that receive a better education (Babazi). Free higher education will come with a quality cost. Another opportunity cost is some say that this taxpayer money should be going somewhere. For example, bettering communities and creating more higher paid job to reduce the high poverty in communities (Khadaroo). Scotland is one of the a few Countries in the UK with free tuition for higher education. Assessments of Scotland’s free tuition has revealed that it is more of a regressive policy. Their government had to lower grants to cover free tuition so living expenses are not covered. The wealthy students, that live at home, are getting a premium bonus. While at the same time, the underprivileged students, that have to move to be closer to the university, have a harder time with expenses, and end up taking out loans (Schrager). America 's current university system allows families to pay tuition based on income; which means the

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