The Consequences Of Drinking Alcohol And Drug Abuse At School

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When people think of drugs they think of substances like marijuana, cocaine, and other “hard” drugs. Most people overlook the most abused drugs, alcohol. They do not realize how alcohol is a damaging drug as any other substance. The effects and consequences that alcohol can pose on the human body is overwhelming. It does not pose a serious concern if drinking is practically safely but if binge drinking is practice instead it becomes a serious problem. Unfortunately, many underage drinkers do not practice safe practice and it leads to serious short and long term situations. There is significant evidence that proves that drinking alcohol harms a person physically, mentally, and spiritually especially when drinking is practice underage.
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If someone decides that alcohol is an acceptable drug, they are most likely to expand their range of acceptable drugs. Alcohol causes impaired judgement which would lead to people to more easily be willing to try new drugs. The “Monitoring the Future” study concluded that 54 percent of 12th grade students had consumed alcohol before using any other drug. When people start getting more involved with alcohol they will start striving for a greater buzz from other drugs so they start experimenting with other drugs. This drug use will lead to many spiritually and mentally problems. Regular excessive consumption of alcohol will lead to decease of performance in school. Students will start to have trouble concentrating in class and class to because they will often opt to engage in drugs instead of doing their homework. The family and social life of an underage drinker will also suffer. The drinker will often try to avoid from any person who do not support their drinking. They will have trouble building relationships with authority figures and will not interact with their peers who do not drink. They will often try to withdraw themselves from the situation and instead engage in risky behaviors with other people who share their interest in drinking and …show more content…
A major organ that is effected by the use of alcohol is the brain. Alcohol kill brain cells leading to problems like memory loss, confusion, and attention difficulties. The nervous system is depressed by the alcohol, weakening physical balance loss and decease in bodily functions. The serotonin and GABA receptors are heavily effected, the individual’s thought process of situations are shortened leading to more risky and violent behaviors. And dementia is also commonly diagnosed earlier for drinkers because the brain’s aging is sped up. Since most of the metabolism of alcohol occurs in the liver, it takes a major beating. According to Medical News Today at least 90% of heavy drinkers will develop fatty liver, which if treated early and properly is reversible. If excessive drinking is continued a person may develop alcoholic hepatitis. The liver is an important organ to the whole body, if the liver is not functioning right multiple other organs will shut done as well. Heart disease is common because drinking triggers hormones that will constrict blood vessel and led to higher blood pressure. The fluctuation of blood pressure during episodes of drinking will leads to stroke, heart attacks, cardiomyopathy, and arrhythmias. Alcohol also increases your risk of various different cancers. Cancers that are often caused by drinking included mouth, throat, and stomach. Due to the

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