Essay on The Congressional Makeup Of Congress

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When Representative John Boehner resigned as Speaker of the House and Congressman Paul Ryan was elected to replace him, he vowed to bring an end to gridlock in Washington D.C. Shortly after Democratic Congressman Rangel stated that he has no reason to believe that Ryan would be any more successful than John Boehner at dissolving gridlock. There are many reasons gridlock cannot be solved these include the fact that there is currently a Republican majority in the house, the design of Congress is slow, elites act under the rational choice theory and the unconventional rules and regulations in Congress. By looking at the makeup of Congress, the institutional design, elite behavior and unorthodox lawmaking, it will not be possible for Speaker Paul Ryan to end Gridlock in Washington. Gridlock can be a result of the current Congressional makeup, if the Congress is dominated by one party and the Executive is dominated by another, then it is unlikely anything due to ideology. In the 114th Congress, there are currently 247 Republicans in the House of Representatives including one Delegate and 54 Republicans in the Senate. On the Democratic side there are 247 Democrats in the House of Representatives and 44 Democrats in the Senate with 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats. The Speaker of the House, as mentioned, is Representative Paul Ryan, the Majority Leader is Representative Kevin McCarthy, and the Democratic Leader is Representative Nancy Pelosi. The…

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