The Conflict Theory And Functionalist Theory Essay

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The criminals: One of the major things I took out of the internship was working with the criminals hands on and understanding how they ended up on probation and/or parole. Many of their reasons come from a family history, one wrong mistake, or a career in the criminal justice system from a young age. When working with them hands on, interviewing them for an ORAS, visiting them in jail, or watching them in court, I was able to apply several different theories I learned in class to their situations. These are theories I thought I would never be able to put in real life situations. These different theories included the conflict theory and functionalist theory. The conflict theory was based most on the studies of the sociologist Marx. The conflict theory suggest that crime in any society is caused by class conflict and that laws are created by those in power to protect their rights and interest (Siegel, 2000). This is the idea of the upper class keeping the lower class from moving up, because they want to keep their power. I saw this theory a lot during my internship. Not to say that I didn’t understand the theory in class, I did, but seeing it first hand gave me a great understanding of what it is like. I saw a lot of offenders come into the office from a life of criminal activities, once someone is on probation they have to pay a large amount of court cost and also pay a certin fee a month for probation and parole. Majority of the people who are criminals are of lower…

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