The Conflict Of The Fargo Area Essay example

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Refugees in the Fargo Area Areas all over the world are experiencing an influx of refugees from war-torn countries, Fargo is one of the numerous areas just in the Midwest who are seeing lots of refugees join their community. I believe Fargo should continue to allow refugees to enter and live in the area, and it is morally right to take them in, and I also believe it is our duty. Looking at Utilitarianism, Aristotle and Kantianism, allowing these individuals is our duty and morally right to do. I believe in a situation, the people in need are much more important than the costs that come with helping them. Dave Piepkorn seemed to really focus upon the costs of these refugees coming in, yet according to Aristotle and virtue ethics, we should focus on the costs or rewards of doing something, we should not do things to maximize utility. We should just be kind. It is important to help refugees, we should let them in with open arms and be there to help them. They have gone through so much in their home countries as it is, to treat them as costs to our community would not be anywhere near the right thing to do. Caring for these people and helping regain the closest they can have to a normal life should be our goal. In no way should view any person, let alone someone who was forced to leave their home and their family behind due to warfare, as nothing more than possible costs. It isn’t about money, it is about helping, and being there for people who truly need help. According to…

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