Essay on The Conflict Of A Capitalist Economy

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Some critical-conflict theorists believe that social problems arise from the major

contradictions inherent in the capitalist economies. What part do guns play in a capitalist

economy? This question can be answered in a few different ways, one way would be to look at

the laws governing the sale and distribution of firearms. While another way, would be looking at

the different companies that make the firearms. Though the role guns play in a capitalist

economy can’t be defined just by the laws and manufacturers. You have to look at the results of

what happens when a firearm is used in an illegal fashion to see where they are placed in said

economy. Some politicians view firearms as an evil that needs to be removed from the public,

while others try and defend them from those that would make them illegal for people to obtain.

Columbine, Oklahoma April 20, 1999 two seniors walked into the school and proceeded

to shot as many people as they could before the last one took his own life. This was the real start

of violence where the American people started to take note of the evils of guns. This act sparked

politicians all over the country to try pushing for stricter guns laws. This also made the American

people open their eyes at just how easily guns can be obtained both illegally and legally. Since

then there has been a rise in coverage by the media every time a gun has been used to commit a

crime while more pressing matters have been under played or completely over…

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