The Concepts Of Childhood Education Essay

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Maria Montessori was a physician and educator that strived to break through barriers of education both through children and universities. In this essay I will be explaining all the concepts of childhood education that Montessori developed. Her concepts revolve around areas like practical life, sensorial, language, math, science, geography, music, and art, and still play a great part in schools today.
Maria Montessori was born On August 31st 1870, in the small town of Chiaravalle, Italy a province of Anconca. Montessori’s father Alessandro Montessori was well educated and worked in a tobacco company as an accountant.(biography,2016) Montessori’s mother Renilde Stoppani was a well educated open minded woman that came from a wealthy family and niece of a well known Italian Geologist.(biography,2016) At a very young age Montessori’s parents moved to Rome where she attended a state school. In her later life Montessori realized she wanted to break the barriers and become a physician. After multiple attempts and rejections from The University of Rome, Montessori got accepted to the university and later graduated. Montessori reached her goal and became the first female physician in Italy. Her journey to break the barrier and become the first women to attend a medical school throughout the first year of working at a hospital Montessori’s awareness arose about the education of developmentally disabled children. Montessori realized kids with these disabilities were left at home while…

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