The Concept Of Critical Thinking Essay examples

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For the past few weeks, I have learned about the concept of critical thinking. Learning about what it is to be a critical thinker has led me to a path of self-actualization, for it has allowed me to embrace what I do not know and to strive for the understanding of the unknown. The course on critical thinking has allowed me to analyze what I stand for and to recognize, strengthen, and even change my views by taking all sides of an argument into consideration to reach a conclusion.
One of the main things learned from this course is knowing what types of thinking weaken critical thinking and knowing when to identify them. Prior to this class, I never had much regard for the reasons people had different types of perspectives. With time, I have learned that people oftentimes come up with numerous reasons to justify their beliefs, rather than try to polish and enhance them to make them better. Recently, I was able to have a conversation with a friend on the current election. He believed that the dispersion of the people in America is because they are not listening to each other and that, while he had a hard time understanding why people voted for the now president, Donald Trump, he believes everyone is “inherently good.” He believes this due to the fact that everyone has different viewpoints and different ideas on what is good. While I believe what he says to a certain point, the knowledge gained from the course on critical thinking allows me to discern his type of thinking is at…

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