The Concentration Camps During The Period Of World War II Essay

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During the period of World War 2, a genocide was going on behind the scenes of the war. The Nazi party that had power in Germany at the time believed that they were the superior race and that the Jews were an inferior race to them and a major threat.
Even though the Jews were a major target of the Nazi Regime, they were not the only race that they were trying to wipe out. They also targeted Gypsies, the physically and mentally disabled, non-europeans, etc. All these people that the Nazi party targeted were sent to labor camps, otherwise known as concentration camps. Their lives that they had before they were captured no longer existed because these camps would be very rough. Because of the combination of starvation, insufficient nutrition and long work days, most prisoners died in the camp.
The prisoners would start off the day at around 4:00 AM at the sound of a gong.
The times they would get up and start working would always vary depending on the time of year. They would get up and clean up their living quarters. They would wash themselves before they went down to eat breakfast. Breakfast consisted of about 10 ounces of bread and about ½ liter of coffee or tea. Following the prisoners’ breakfast break, a second gong rang and it signaled roll call. They lined up in rows of 10. All prisoners had to attend, including the ones who died throughout the night. If the numbers did not add up, the roll call would be prolonged and the SS would punish the…

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