Starvation During The Holocaust

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building rate. The other main reason for making the Jews work so hard was so that when they have no energy and can not work they could be shot or would die on the spot possibly from starvation and then they wouldn't having any energy left in them.
Starvation is one of the major things that most people during the Holocaust died from. The average meals of the day were very little and some days the people didn't get anything to eat at all. In the morning the prisoners would most likely not get anything. For lunch they would get a small portion of bread that was burnt and for dinner they would get watery soup. If the people were in the back of the line then they would sometimes not even get anything for dinner. (Jackson, Sean) When someone from the night before got bread and saved it and then died that night, those who were sleeping next to then would take their bread and keep it for themself.
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As soon as the Jews got off the train they were separated; women, children, and the elderly on one side, teenagers, girls and boys separated, on the other side, and men on another side. The women, children, and the elderly went straight to the gas chamber because the Nazis believed that they were useless. The men were headed straight to their barracks to start working. Teenagers were assigned specific jobs then were sent to their barracks. “The Nazis early experiments with poison gas used vans equipped as mobile killing units.” writes Philip Steele in the book The Holocaust the origins, events, and Remarkable Tales of Survival (55). It later changed into big enclosed rooms because it was too difficult to get the dead bodies out of the van. “Most of the time the Jews were tricked into going to the chambers, being told that it was a shower sanitizing them for the camps”(Jackson,Sean). This made it easier for the Nazis to take the bodies out of the room and then easier to kill more people in a shorter amount to

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