The Holocaust: Everyday Life During The Holocaust

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The alarm on the bedside table starts to make loud noises. One might turn it off, proceed to get out of bed and start their daily routine. This includes brushing their teeth, washing their face and eating mom’s pancakes before getting on the bus to go to school. One might live out their life just like any normal day, but they do not realize that this is what some of the Jews experienced before the Holocaust. The daily lives for Jews in the Holocaust were something far from normal. Men, women and children from all ages and backgrounds were taken from their homes. They were forced to experience inhumane activities that made them feel like they were less than a human being. The daily life in the concentration camps was designed to make the Jews fail; the Nazis accomplished this by giving the Jews challenging jobs with barely any food and water, leaving the Jews in a state of perpetual starvation. …show more content…
Any Jew, no matter what type of person they were before the Holocaust, experienced the lack of food and nonstop labor, which led to aching pains all throughout the body. This made the prisoners want it all to end. Those who had to live through every single moment of the Holocaust, feared death, as it surrounded them every day and night; all of these points made the daily lives of the Jews in the concentration camps a living Hell. From the various types of jobs done by different people, as well as the few opportunities to eat, one could imagine how hard it was to survive a day in one of many concentration camps. Given the few examples of the activities done each day, by the Jews, one could get a glimpse as to how life was in the camps. However, these examples only scratch the surface as to how it actually was for the Jews during this time, because every Jewish person 's story ,of their daily life in the camps, is completely different from any other Jew in the

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