The Communications Coordinator For Habitat For Humanity Essay

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As a college student the big question is what are my plans upon graduation, specifically what occupation am I pursuing upon graduation. A occupation that I have found through my studies and experience thus far that interests me is a communications coordinator. The following paper will outline why I find this position so interesting including marketing, networking, and community involvement. The community involvement, specifically, appeals to goals I have for the future. Theses values appeeal to my urge to give back to my community and begin my own business venture in the future, these values will be elaborated on und quite interesting is the Communications Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. I am going to explain what this job is about, how it is related to my life goals after graduation and discuss skills that I have. I interviewed someone who can help me understand important qualifications and characteristics for this type of position and how I am going to use the tools I learn to create a plan for getting the job that I want after graduation. The job that interests me The Communications Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity is a position that I happened to come across online during my job search. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds or repairs affordable housing for people around the world. The coordinator recruits volunteers along with future homeowners to work together in the building process of a new home. This…

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