The Common Customer Service Misconceptions Essay

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According to Gibson, there are five common customer service misconceptions. In figure 1.1, it highlights the myths and facts that pertain to customer service. I will discuss two myths and facts that I think are most significant for customer service reps to understand.

The first myth, “Why all the concern over customer service? If customers don’t like the service we provide, they can go elsewhere.” In addition, the fact states, “Before they go elsewhere, customers could circulate negative commentary interpersonally or to the online community in a way that can be unfavorable for you and/or your organization.

Customer service is defined as the process of satisfying the customer, relative to a product or service, in whatever way the customer defines his or her need, and having the service delivered with efficiency, compassion, and sensitivity. A customer service duty is to have the customer feel what they paid for. If the customer does not receive that then the customer will go to a more successful service provider. The fact is extremely true because providing a customer with bad service can potentially hurt a business image. It is best to maintain a happy customer instead of an upset customer.

The second myth, “You can’t provide high-quality customer service when the requirements you must implement force you to tell customer’s no.” Fact states, “Quality customer service is not saying “yes” to every customer request. People can accept “no” if it presented the right way, but…

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