Essay about The Commodity Form Is A Social Relationship And A Commodity

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According to John Frow “the commodity form is a social relationship and a commodity is anything that is governed by it.” (Frow, 132) The history of capitalist mode of production is the history of commodity form as stated by Frow. He also clears the fact that “capital constantly seeks to force all use-values to submit to the commodity form and to convert simple commodity production to capitalist commodity wherever and whenever it can.” (Frow, 134), However, people tried to resist the extinction of commodification such as abolition of slavery where humans treated as goods to be bought and sold. (Frow, 135)
Frow explains the three consequences of commodification. First, it channels resources of capital –production assets seeking profits- into production. Second, it transforms the purpose of production for particular qualities towards generation of profit. “Production is the indifferent medium for capital valorization and the qualities of the thing produced are incidental to this end”. Third, transforms common resources into private resources. (Frow, 138) In his principles, Frow shares Sandel the second consequence and shares Hart the third one.
Is the human body and its parts a private property and person owns it? If yes does human body and its parts and tissues considered as a commodity and a person can own or sell his/her body parts or tissues for profit? The property right in the human body was an issue in the political debates. California Supreme Court has a decision in…

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