The Comanche: The Lords Of The Plains

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The Comanches were a very diverse Indian tribe in their culture, war tactics, and the Comanches reservations. The Comanches were a fierce warrior tribe. They were in states such as Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma,and Arizona. They were exceptional horsemen. The Comanches were excellent at hunting and gathering. The Comanches were known as the “Lords of the Plains.

The Comanches had a very unique culture. The Comanches were originally part of the Eastern Shoshone, who lived by Platte River near Wyoming . When the Europeans arrived, the Comanches migrated more towards the south such as, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The Comanche spoke a Uto-Aztecan language, which is almost identical to the Shoshone from which they originated.
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They didn't adopt any war tactics like the other tribes. instead , they created their own tactics. The Comanches tactics were often extremely well synchronised and orchestrated. It was so complicated that Europeans had trouble understanding the tactic. The Comanches would approach the enemy on horseback. They never formed a solid line. They, instead, formed swirling and scattered lines. They broke off in different directions to ambush the enemy. As soon as the enemy gets caught in the trap, they Comanches began shooting arrows into the enemy. The Comanches weren’t very impressed about firearms, but they would tend to keep them as trophies. The Comanches preferred their signature bow and arrow or their primary weapon, the war lance. Their tactics weren’t that effective against the cavalry. They would usually pepper their enemy with the arrows and retreat.The Comanche has been a copper toned people usually dressed in buckskins (which were usually stained in a colour for effect and ornamentation). They frequently wore a kind of moccasin, which was quite different to the small shoe worn by the other plains Indians, but instead a kind of combined both and legging that reached by foot to hip. They did not adopt the feathered headdress, as so commonly depicted in Hollywood movies, until the reservation period, but instead devised a rather grim, war helmet made from a buffalo scalp, complete with great thrusting horns, which give the warrior's a terrifying appearance that no enemy ever forgot.Thankfully, in many battles with the Comanche, casualties were light, with a few Indians killed or wounded. They realised that there would always be another day when things were going badly and preferred to call off the fight (sometimes after just one Comanche fell) in order to preserve themselves for a more advantageous situation. Furthermore Comanche Warbands had been commonly never large enough to seriously

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