The Color Of The Men 's Skin Changes From Black And White Essay examples

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“Race ing” Sideways
The work of art depicts thirteen men who seem to be running a race but no one is in the lead. The color of the men’s skin changes from white to black as you look from left to right. And the color of the men’s cloth also changes from black to white if you look from left to right. This picture is presented in a completely black background which is outlined by a white frame. Nikolai Buglaj tries to reveal a hidden truth in this art work. As well as, compel the viewer to see the world in a new light.
Value is an element of design that is used in the picture. It can be seen in the transition of black and white from left to right and right to left. This element of design proves that equality might just be an illusion. Because in reality, we will always be held back by our racial or social status. As a result, the minorities will have to work twice as hard to prove that they are good enough. Similarly, the social values at stake here is the issue of racism and class in America. The idea that a black person is not supposed to be placed alongside white person, and that white people are the only ones qualified to work in offices. However, Buglaj tries to correct this impression by aligning the runners in an equal order so that no one is viewed as superior and another inferior. And there are no in-betweens that is why those in grey are also on equal grounds with black and white.
The western views of black and white is the contrast between the blue collar and the…

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