The Coaching Process Of Coaching Essay

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The coach’s role is to develop the coachee’s resourcefulness through skillful questioning, challenges, and support; not advising because when advice is given, the coach implies that he or she knows best and that the coachee does not (Rogers, 2012). Coaching requires a listening ear to ensure that the coachee is understood and is making decisions that will ultimately help accomplish the goals. During this final coaching session, my client and I will be working together to close the coaching sessions and then determine the next phase of our relationship Pre-Coaching Plan It is sometimes hard to close a coaching session once a friendship has been established. However, I have prepared for the final session by providing Joyce with the coaching feedback form so that she can complete it prior to our meeting. Joyce initially accepted my invitation for coaching because she wanted to change a behavior that she would not have otherwise corrected if we had not discussed her options. She and I have had positive coaching sessions for the past eight weeks. As I mentioned above, I emailed the coaching feedback form to Joyce so that she could review and have it completed prior to our final meeting. I revisited my notes from the previous sessions so that I can prepare for the final meeting. My goal for this session is to work with Joyce to close the coaching session and determine whether to continue our relationship. I will solicit feedback from…

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