Coaching Reflection: Doing My Old Job

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Coaching Reflection #2
Aly Daniels In my work, I have taken on a new role, but am still also doing my old job. This has caused for some difficulties and differences in opinion about the new employee who is beginning to work to make up for me not being able to help as much in my old job. The new employee is not meeting the standards that I have set for all managers. I am the head manager, and the director of administration for Kansas State Women’s basketball, and the new employee is not meeting the standards that I have set for managers. The new employee is constantly late, on her phone, and puts forth the least amount of effort that she can. She also constantly forgets to complete tasks that are assigned to her such as mail and laundry. After
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I said that the new employee is not pulling her weight. The employee is constantly late and on her phone during practice. The employee has also forgotten laundry multiple times, along with letters that needed to be addressed and mailed, and she forgot player’s jerseys when she was packing for a game. I told my boss that I think her and I need to sit down with this employee and explain our expectations and let her know that there will be consequences if these mistakes and lack of effort and attention to detail keep occurring. However, my boss did not share my opinion. My boss told me that this employee was young and that she was trying her best. My boss told me that we should to be nice to her and just let the mistakes go. When I heard this, I said that age was no excuse. I started this job when I was her age and I did not make these mistakes. All of her mistakes come down to lack of effort and attention to detail. I said I understand that mistakes do happen, but when they happen every week, they are no longer mistakes. My boss told me that not everyone can be like me, and that I need to be patient and try to support this employee. I decided to leave the conversation at that in order to not ruin my relationship with my boss. I decided to choose the relationship over control. Even though I did this, the employee’s effort and mistakes continue to bother me and I continue to want to say something in order for this issue to be addressed. However, I have decided to give up my control, and let my boss be responsible for this employee’s

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