The Classroom Environment Should Look And Feel Welcoming For All Children

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Diversity is what make each person in a classroom different from each other, even though you could be the same color of person seating next you, does not mean you are the same. The classroom environment should look and feel welcoming for all children. So it can show the diverse of the world in which we live in. Children should be provided with essential information about who they are and what is important, making an efforts for this to happen creates a setting that is rich in possibilities for exploring diversity of each student in a classroom across the world. A few of the educational practices today is geared towards supporting and eliminating ethnic differences between students in classrooms today.
The National Education Association stated “The dimensions of diversity include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion, mental and physical ability, class, and immigration status.” (Association) The education community is faces a lot of struggle related to diversity in the classroom. National Education Association stated “The academic achievement gaps between students of diverse backgrounds; racial segregation and resegregation in our schools; gender inequalities and sex discrimination is related to diversity.” (Association) Some schools lack the resources which are essential in addressing the issues of diversity in the classroom today, when schools lack the necessary resources to address the problem the problem is left with no end in sight and…

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