Essay on The Class Conundrum By Ronda Closterman

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Different Policies

As a first year student in college, I noticed that there was a different rule in the attendance policy that when I was in high school. In high school, it was mandatory to come to school due to the school 's protocol. As I transitioned from high school to college, my professors had a different idea of attendendance. Not all my professors believe that a student should be punished for attendendance for the reason being that they shouldn 't feel the need to make each student come to class if they did not want to. They would use a different approach which is to give them additional points if the student decided to comes to class. Yet, some professors may say that although it is not mandatory to come to their class, the student who misses a class might end up failing because they might miss something important, like a quiz. In the reading “The Class Conundrum” by Ronda Closterman, she argues that attendendance should be mandatory at certain times. She believes that attendance is necessary but in a way in which the needs of a classroom are met and the student aren’t allowed so much freedom. She also states that they are adults but still college students. In the reading she gives examples of different ways people feel about mandatory attendance. In my opinion, I agree with Closterman’s argument that attendance is a necessity, yet a student should not be punished for missing a day or two of class if it was an emergent situation.
In the reading one of Closterman’s…

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