The Civilizing Mission And Modernization Theory Essay

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The civilizing mission and the modernization theory both aimed to take control of a different area, but they each succeeded in different ways. The civilizing mission was used as a way of taking over land without getting consent to invade their property: a way of forcing a country to become colonized. The civilizing mission occurs when the stronger power doesn’t feel threatened by the weaker power and eventually takes over control of that area. This can be in the best interest of the weaker power but is not always in their interest. Modernization theory focuses on the improvement of a country through building an alliance and persuading them that the improvement is in their best interest. Modernization theory focuses on becoming modern through technology and convincing the weaker power that this is the only way. The civilizing mission and modernization theory were alike in the aspects that they show their display of power, they were progressive in how they got what they wanted, and they assumed they knew what was best for humanity; however, they were different in how they went about controlling the weaker power.
Although the belief of civilizing mission and modernization theory showed their dominance in how they displayed their power, they differed in the ways they showed their dominance. The belief of civilizing mission showed their dominance by taking over other land without permission, usually in the form of war. Countries acting in this way were strong in changing the…

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