The Civil War Fought Over Slavery Essay

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The topic I chose to analyze from the book Taking Sides is rather the Civil War fought over slavery. This issue occurred in the 18th century and impacted black slaves and whites across the United States. Prior to the Civil War in the southern states (which declared themselves as the Confederate states when they separated from the United States) there were lands that included laborious work and the slaves would do the labor from sunup to sundown. The Confederate states desired to have more slave states and they declared secession from the United States. The Union noticed the Confederate states as a threat and a group of rebels who wanted more power but, the Union wanted balance and would continue to have power. The Union states didn’t need slaves to do the labor because they had all they needed including wealth. The Union knew that slavery was the Confederates main tool to keep producing therefore, they weakened them in the Civil War by abandoning slavery. Two authors from Taking Sides argued their point of view about the Civil War. Charles B. Dew persuaded readers that the Civil War was indeed fought over slavery. Gary W. Gallagher doesn’t believe that the war was fought over slavery but, believes that that cause of the Civil War was to benefit the union. I agree with Gallagher that the war wasn’t fought over slavery. During my analysis I will summarize the two others and show evidence how they persuade readers, then I will state why I don’t believe that the Civil War was…

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