Summary Of The Circle By Dave Egger

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The Circle by Dave Eggers very much reminds me of 1984 by George Orwell. I would event venture to say that it is the “updated” version. The main character of the book is Mae and she starts working for a company very similar to Google. However, this company called The Circle is very heavy on social media. Mae is initially very awestruck by The Circle (they have their own transportation, apartments, amenities etc.) However, she soon realizes that they more she “buys in” to their schemes, the more they hold her accountable for the way she lives her life. She soon realizes that The Circle dictates her every move. She is not only held accountable for her actions but she is now required to post every single move she makes on social media and have …show more content…
First, I really like how this novel is very different from most of his other novel. I like that he doesn’t have anything from his personal life in the novel however, the reader can still tell that the author is Egger’s. His wit and tone are still very much present. His idea of this kind of dystopian world is very interesting to me. I love the way that he starts the novel very simply: with a girl and a dream. Her dream quickly becomes fulfilled and the reader is almost left wondering where else the story could possibly go. She lands her dream job and is happy and successful. What else is there? The reader is then taken along on Mae’s realization of what The Circle is really all about. There is no “sudden realization” or even a climax. However, this particular excerpt was where I realized The Circle was getting a little out of control and was different than most companies. I like that Egger’s doesn’t have some dramatic climax where Mae discovers she has been taken advantage of. I think it is interesting that readers may discover what The Circle is all about at different parts of the novel. His progression of ideas is new and interesting. The Circle is currently being made into a major motion picture and I am curious to see how it turns out. I believe that Egger’s writes amazing novels however, I am not always convinced that his ideas translate to film very well. I love that The Circle read like a “normal” novel but that Egger’s was clearly the author. His ideas permeated the text and were interesting as

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