Essay about The Christian Worldview Of Christian Education

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Final Project - Philosophy of Christian Education The Christian worldview of Christian education is the total involvement of Christian education to bring about the change in the moral standard of norms in society. The participation of individuals working alongside the government to help shape a better more productive society. This involvement means participating in the mainstream of government function. This could mean as employee, voter participation, volunteering for campaigning for better progress. The areas of participation can various greatly in the involvement of Christian education. The Christian education plays a role in the legislation of morality to be in line for improving the best form of providing the support to correct and change the condition set forth in a world that tend to waver the contrary to normal moral standard. The important biblical scripture concepts are relative to the book of Genesis with the creation of man, the fall of man. The basis here state, there only two persons create a male and female to carry on the reproduction of generation to come after them. The argument even goes further to the point, of that everything created, to be reproduced were with the male and female joining together. There was no other mention of the fact of anything different from that nature mention in the book. It would appear to me that this was the only, logical way for reproduction, for the next generation, would have to be, with the male and female. If it…

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