Field Education Experience Essay

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My Field education experience in my chosen area of Christian Education proved to be a valuable experience. I was afforded the opportunity to work within my church, Galilee United Church of Christ. Together with the pastor, lay leaders, and other members, we meet around the table to discuss the process for planning Christian Education classes. My pastor served in a supportive role as counselor/mentor on my behalf. Further, he gave me the lead on this project and furnished me with great insight on how to design a Christian Education curriculum.
Equally important, pastor provided me with ongoing feedback to help me identify my strengths and weakness and measure growth towards my goals and learning objectives. The Field Education experience allowed
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A biblical perspective was woven into curriculum and instruction and align with a Christ-centered mission with well-researched external standards. Students were engaged in active, creative, joyful learning. Out of all the teaching methods, the implementation of the PowerPoint presentation was the most engaging for adults as well as our youth. The Field Education experience gave me the opportunity to design my Christian education curriculum tailored for various age groups. The task was challenging, but I had incredible assistance. The use of educational models and technology active allow members to become active participants in the teaching and learning process. Christian education seeks to prepare us for living a life that reflects, serve and honors God. The curriculum used incorporated a systematic Bible study. I’ve learned through this Field education experience that teaching is not just telling, or collecting content, but it entails comprehension and wisdom from God. Mark Twain once said, “if teaching was the same as telling, we all be so smart we could barely stand it.” My other course, Theories of Learning has worked interchangeably with this class. They have both proven that any content presented the teacher must put forth one hundred percent effort to be consistent with biblical

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