The Christian Tradition For A Long Time Essay

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1. I have been out of the Christian tradition for a long time. I was once a Baptist, but after a long struggle, I gave up. I left because of how awful the home churches had treated me and my family. My Dad was even a deacon at a first Baptist church in my home town for a long time, but we were always treated as less because we were not “from there.” It is one of those small towns where if your great grandfather was not born there, then you are not from there, and you will never belong, no matter how hard you try.
We stayed with that church for most of my childhood but stopped when I was in junior high. In eighth grade, we tried another Baptist church on the other side of town, but we found the preacher to be self-centered and narcissistic. He spent the money in the church like it was water and easily let the church slip into debt, despite the large check he received each week. These may seem nit-picky but they had a great impact on me because it showed me just how broken the church was.
We were there to worship, but no one else seemed to be. I found the churchgoers in my town to be hypocritical, as they would praise God out loud on Sunday lifting and clapping their hands in their best dress clothes, and then they would become pregnant outside of marriage or found in a drunken stupor after a party. It is a commit God, all or nothing. When a mistake is made it seems for most people that it is just an over correct when they run back to Him, when they should be boasting in…

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