The Cheesecake Factory Essay

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The Cheesecake Factory

Do you like delicious food and great dessert? If you do then the cheesecake factory is the place for you! The cheesecake factory has a wide variety of delicious food and cheesecake. The environment is great, it is very family-friendly. The service is excellent! The prices are also very reasonable. You can eat it at any time of the day!

The cheesecake has so many plates for you to choose from. There is anything from sandwiches to burgers, salads to pastas, and seafood to steak, and everything in between! They also have every type of cheesecake you could want. They have over 30 flavors to choose from! It is kind of hard to choose, but no matter what you decide you will love it!

The environment is awesome at the cheesecake factory. Everyone is happy and very friendly. How could you not be happy with all the delicious food? The service is awesome there. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly and your food comes out quick.

I have a big family so when we go out to eat the bill is always kind of high. We thought it was going to be high when we went to the cheesecake factory but it was actually very reasonable. We all ordered more than enough food and even took home leftovers. We all got to order what we wanted because the menu has a big variety and we loved it. For a family of eight the bill was not as pricey as we expected. It was actually lower than most restaurants we go to. The cheesecake looks like a pricey fancy restaurant but it’s actually…

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