The Cheerleading Team Essay

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“And your music is on in 3…2…1.” The feeling of being out on that blue mat with your team; no more than that, your family, is a feeling I will never be able to describe to someone who has never experienced what it’s like to be under those lights and to hear that music blasting through the speakers. Cheerleading is something I have been passionate about for many years. I never knew there was something that I couldn’t hold or touch that I could love so very much. Before eighth grade, I never put much thought into joining the cheerleading team. One day, my best friend mentioned that tryouts for the cheerleading team was coming up and that I should definitely try out. I was very skeptical because the only experience I had was making up dances with my sister in the backyard. After thinking about it for a while, I decided it would be a cool thing to do, so I got a tryout packet and filled it out! I was pretty calm the day clinics came until I saw the dance and cheer I had to learn, memorize, and perform in three days. I kept my chin up and worked my butt off for the clinic days because I knew in my heart I wanted to be on the team. The day of actual tryouts, I was a nervous wreck! My stomach was in knots and I could barely think straight. Do you know that feeling when you miss a step on the stairs? That’s the feeling I felt in my stomach all day. At the end of the school day, I made my way to the gym and changed into my tryout clothes. We were given numbers for the order of…

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