Cheerleading Accomplishments

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I have made many small accomplishes throughout my lifetime. One of my greatest achievments recently just happened. I tried out to become a varsity cheerleader, not expecting to make it and preparing myself for the outcome I made it. There were so many great girls trying out to make the varsity cheer squad. I expected nothing less than my number not to be on the school website at 4:00 p.m. If you try your hardest then you will succeed at anything your desire.
I started my first year at Durant as a freshman, I had tried out to become a cheerleader my seventh and eighth grade year. I made both years but when freshman cheer was coming to an end I was no longer interested in doing cheer. Honestly, I was embarrassed because I had a low grade in Geometry and knew that if I tried out they would tell me I could not do it. For my sophomore year I did not tryout for cheerleading. Soon, I immediately missed it because all of my friends were in it. I went to varsity football games and saw my friends down there, having fun. All of my other friends that were not in cheer had me distracted most of the other times to where I did not think about
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My main focus was now only on academics because I had nothing else to do. Not being in cheer my sophomore year of high school really put a damper on things. The end of the first semester I met a boy who occupied my time, but when he had golf, practice or other things I was left at home with nothing to do once again. When we broke up I realized so many things I should have known before. I should have done cheer this year because I would have achieved so much more. Before to long it was time to tryout for cheer the upcoming year. I put my name on the list and gave trying out all I had. My grades were the best that they had ever been and I knew what it was like not to cheer so if I did not make it I knew I’d be

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