The Characteristics Of Work Meaningfulness And Organizational Employment

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1. Introduction
In any organization, employees working there are not considered as cost but they are an asset of the organization. Banking sector has grown too much in the last few years in Pakistan. Both government and private banks comes in this sector. Banks are thought as the most stressed-out sectors in the world because long working hours including incompetent technology causes lack of satisfaction and commitment in employees (Abdullah, 2011). It is among the fanciest sectors for young graduates of business but they face problems after joining the banks which have an effect on their commitment and raise problems like turnover, non-attendance and low performance (Abdullah, 2011). Work meaningfulness and organizational commitment are one
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Steger). Meaningful work fulfills the need of employees for encouraging significance in life and meaningfulness is to be intrinsically valuable (Martela). In addition, people who experience their work as meaningful are much more engaged in their work and feel motivated and committed as well (Martela). Hackman and Oldham model specifies how job characteristics affect the satisfaction of individuals at work (Rickey Casey). Hackman and Oldham’s (1974) job characteristics model suggests there are five job dimensions that are nucleus and can affect work related outcomes, including job satisfaction which are autonomy, skill variety , task significance ,feedback and task identity is significant to identify the job characteristics and how they influence job satisfaction of employees in an organization (Syukrina Alini Mat Ali, 2013). Job Characteristics Model (JCM) defines the degree a job requires a variety of diverse activities in order to carry out the work which involves the use of number of skills and talents of the employees (Syukrina Alini Mat Ali, 2013). Meaningful work can also account to increase commitment for work (Martela). The meaningfulness in broad-spectrum is connected with positive mental/psychological results including physical health (Martela). Employees believe jobs which are interesting, give out feelings of triumph, support, accomplishment and contribute to meaningful work and furthermore, individuals realize their lives when they think that their lives are focused, purposed, noteworthy ,determined and understandable (Madelyn Geldenhuys,

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