Essay on The Change Of A Factory Powered Society

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During the late 18th century and the early 19th century, the world began to change dramatically. These changes included the societal shift from using tools to make products to now using new sources of energy, such as coal, to begin powering machines in factories. This shift forced people to go from home to factories, country to cities, and from human powered society to a now factory powered society. The change from home to factory means that before the Industrial Revolution, people manufactured items at home using hand tools and basic machines, but eventually manufacturing switched into factories. Factories power the change from country to cities. Because manufacturing started taking place in factories, many people who worked on farms and at homes were forced to leave these jobs and begin working for factories in big cities. Finally, the change from human powered society to then becoming a factory powered society is significant because this was the change of how our products were made and the rate at which we could make products. Instead of having to have individuals sew each shirt together, then sew the button on, and then create the collar of each shirt, now there is a machine to do each job. The creation of these powerful machines now made production rate increase dramatically. These changes that the Industrial Revolution forced took many years to take into place and did not happen overnight. All of these changes may seem very positive and beneficial, however these…

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