Industrial Revolution Impact On American Society

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The Industrial Revolution had a positive impact on the American Society because of its investments in technology. It made an outstanding change from hand tools to hand made items to products produced by machines. This upgrade resulted in high profits for factory owners. The machines assisted the entrepreneur's productivity. The Industrial Revolution benefited the middle class more but had an effect on all of the American Society.

The revolution made way for inventors. A famous one is Thomas Edison who made many inventions. Each invention that was introduced during this time had a big effect on the transformation of the American society. With newer and faster ways these inventions made it easy to produce products and transport goods. Dealing with the cotton gin, and sewing machine there was also an increase in the textile industry.

The factory systems were great yes, but
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Well the ones who could afford it known as the rich or upper class. Machinery such as the washing machine, refrigerator, and microwave came later on after Thomas Edison introduced the system of electric lighting. Electricity became an improvement in people's social lives and working routines.

Now you are probably wondering what about the lower class? What did they get from all of this? That's where Gospel of Wealth come in. Gospel of Wealth was a law created by Andrew Carnegie, basically saying the rich should share with the poor. Carnegie thought in order to bring "Peace on earth, among all men" this would be the way.

In conclusion, even though the Industrial Revolution made its way late to America in the 18th and 19th century it was still an amazing impact. Till this day it still is but bigger and better. Think about it if society had missed out on the Industrial Revolution life would lack technology, transportation, and even education. Therefore, the Industrial Revolution had a positive effect on the way America is

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