Personal Narrative: My Learning To Move

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I went through many problems in my life especially in my high school career. The biggest problem I encountered when I was in my senior year and we had to move from Albania to the Unites States. This was a problem for my since I didn’t know how to speak any English or know anything about the Unites States. Moving was hard for me since I was planning on going to college and making my career. I didn’t have the option to stay since my dad work required him to move and my dad is paying for college. I had a bigger challenge then of just saying bye to all my friends, and that is getting to the Unites States. Flying, flying is something I just can’t do. It is not the heights that make me nervous; it is more to the fact of having a pilot control a 400 ton airplane that could fail. Being 17 and about to graduate made it very difficult to even think of moving to a different country. I also never really moved before so I don’t even know what it might be like. When my dad told me that we have to move I didn’t have much time to prepare. I was given one week to pack all my bags and say good bye to all of my friends. I had my whole life planned then …show more content…
So at that point I knew I had a problem that needed solving, and it needed solving fast since I had one day left before moving. I quickly just prayed and just said to myself if I die, it will be ok because it really does not matter since I’m died. This concept really helped although it does sound pretty negative it helped and knowing that fact that we were flying on a 5 star plane helps to know that we have a newer plane, this means newer technology and advancements. So I figures what the heck, just do it. So I did I went on the plane and yes I was nervous the whole entire ride however I actually did it without letting my dad know, if he knew I was nervous of flying he would of made fun of me and told just about

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