Causes Of Femicide

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Femicide is defined as the killing of women, female homicide, or the murder of a person based on the fact that she is female (For Women 's Right to Live). In other words, if you are born a female you are looked at as replaceable and not as important as men. Women are cruelty tortured and mutilated. Many women are killed and the cases are never really solved.

On the article of NY Daily News, I read that 'Femicide, ' the crime of murdering females because of their gender, is a leading cause of death among young women in countries including El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Machismo and impunity from prosecution are to blame ( 'Femicide ' on the Rise in Central America). Sadly, the number of died women being found continue to raise and
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For those that are married men are known to work while the female stays at home doing all the household duties. They are to have the home clean, food cooked when the man of the house comes from work, clothes washed and put away, and etc. With being a wife means that you will have children because that’s what’s expected of women to do. You get married, have babies and stay at home taking care of the family while the man of the house works to provide for the family. By providing it means financially. Woman are doing everything else with the children no matter the time while the man relaxes when he comes home from work. Now there are those that don’t want to marry to avoid being tied down by men. In the book Bananeras, the women that are single generally aren’t looking to marry or join households with men but are more interested in men as romantic partners, and have consistently said that marrying isn’t worth the trouble, which comes with domestic labor and subservience (Bananeras, p.91). The banana women who have kids and have boys are raising them to be nonsexist or “machos”. These women are not only teaching their son’s but also their daughters to learn and value housework. What will happen to these boys that are being taught to respect and value housework is that when they get older and become men they will share half the duties of a household with his wife. He will be one in a million kind of man. Be more …show more content…
Other believe that because the boys of these women are taught the same responsibilities as what women do that they might turn out to be gay. The mothers of these boys are not concerned because those are just words and teaching their sons to be respectful and equal to the same work won’t make them less of a man. In the video of Maria’s story the women from El Salvador joined the armed army called the F.M.L.N. because they are fighting the Salvadoran government for land reform, equitable distribution of wealth, and to end government repression (Maria’s story). Maria is 39 years old and she is the leader of the F.M.L.N. and what goals they have are to build a new society for the poor where there is food, schools to educate everybody and anybody and healthcare. Those are the most important goals that they have for the time being. The women in Guatemalan also joined the armed rebellions for the same reasons and also for their human rights. Justina was the name of the female who joined the organization of CERJ. She was one of many to inform others of their human rights. Justina was joined the group because of all killing being done by the military to the Maya people. Her goals were to stop the

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