The Challenges Of College Students Essay examples

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Everyone has stressful challenges in their lives. It can keep you up, stealing your sleep and your thoughts. What is it that keep up at night? Is it the payment you need to do? Or a lover you broke up with? Whatever it is, you are not the only one going through all that. You are living, as I like to call it, “The college life”. You, me and everybody else wants to live the “college life”. It is where you can explore and find yourself, and to feel free. A place and time to be responsible for yourself and learn how to live. And in order to be responsible for yourself, you have to face obstacles many college students are going through. These challenges are social, study and financial challenges, and these are the main challenges I think many college students struggle with.
It is difficult for college students to keep up with themselves and with love ones. It takes time and effort to make it work. I believe the first thing college students struggle with is their social lives. In your first year in college, they suddenly want you to play by the rules of their level 10 game. It’s hard to play when in high school you played level 5. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all college students, but one thing every student does is to block time for their friends and family in order to focus. In fact, there isn’t as much time to give for their families or friends. Many college students might think they could get the time in the holidays, but they have projects and homework on their heads.…

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