The Challenges And Rewards Counselors Working With The Elderly

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Assess the challenges and rewards for counselors working with individuals in this stage of life

There are many challenges and rewards counselors can experience when working with the elderly. The biggest challenge would be death before the client has some sense of mental health relief. Since the psychosocial crisis associated with this lifespan is immortality versus extinction, a client experiencing feelings of fear of death and a hopelessness toward life, a counselor would need to have very focused intervention plans and strategies to assist the client due to limited timing. Another challenge could also include a client’s lack of social support. As a counselor in training, social support during this life stage would most likely have a beneficial impact on the client’s process. Hopefully, the client would have support from a spouse or children; however, social support can come in the form of extended family and friends as well. Finally, additional challenges to counselors could include working with clients that have limited financial resources or health care benefits. In this case, the counselor would need to find ways to advocate on the behalf of these clients to receive counseling services.

Alternatively, immortality is expressed in very ways. The various way include an elder either seeing the future within one’s children; through a religious or spiritual belief system; through creative achievements; by seeing oneself as a participant in the chain of life; or in a belief…

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