The Challenge Of Jesus By David Wright Essay

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N.T. Wright’s book, The Challenge of Jesus, drew my attention to three very interesting and important concepts. The first, discussing the importance of relating to Jesus in Jesus’s time. Especially when it comes to the use of figurative language, expression, cultural and societal norms of the time, as well as getting to know how exactly it was that people understood God and the arrival of the Messiah, for first century Jews. The second thing that really got me thinking, when reading the book, is the nature of Scripture. While certain denominations believe that the texts from the Bible are the direct Word of God, we as Catholics believe that this is an interpretation of the time, seeing as it was written by man; man who witnessed the doings of God through/as Jesus Christ. If man, who is inherently prone to sin and extremely flawed, wrote these collections of books, how do we know that there was no other hidden agenda, or slight additions slipped in which had more to do with benefiting the people, or saving face, than to do with the actual will of God? The third exceptionally interesting topic is the question of Jesus’ knowledge of his divinity. and final_________________.
Someone once told me that in order to truly understand the Bible, you should be able to take the time to translate it from its original language and in to your own. Only then will you understand the true meaning of what God is trying to say. After reading this book, I believe this statement to be truer…

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