Essay on The Century : A Bird 's Eye View

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‘The Century: A Bird’s Eye View’ Page 1-17 (Hobsbawn, 1995)
• June 28th 1992, the anniversary of the assassination in 1914, it then led to the First World War. (Hobsbawn, 1995) page 3.
• 1989 all governments and Foreign Ministries would benefit from a seminar on the peace settlements after the wars, which most Ministries had forgotten about. (Hobsbawn, 1995) page 3.
• The world went to pieces at the end of the 1980s, the world had been shaped by the impact of the Russian Revolution of 1917. (Hobsbawn, 1995) Page 4.
• …in the late 1980s and early 1990s…world history ended and a new one begun. (Hobsbawn, 1995) Page 5.
• …the institutions of liberal democracy…disappeared between 1917 and 1942 from all…as fascism and its satellite authoritarian movements and regimes advanced. (Hobsbawn, 1995) Page 7.
• Without the breakdown of nineteenth-century…there would have been no October revolution and no USSR. (Hobsbawn, 1995) Page 8.
• The world at the end…cannot be compared with the world at its beginning in the terms of the historical accountancy of ‘more’ and ‘less’. (Hobsbawn, 1995) Page 14.
• Between 1914 and the early 1990s the globe has become far more of a single operational unit, as it was not, and could not have been in 1914. (Hobsbawn, 1995) Page 15.
• …the disintegration of the old patterns of human social relationships…the snapping of the links between generations, that is to say, between past and present. (Hobsbawn, 1995) Page 15.

‘Chapter One: The Age of Total War’ Page…

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