The Causes Of Video Game Addiction

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Register to read the introduction… There have been several symptoms listed, both psychological and physical, for it. Many of these symptoms share disturbing similarities with other addiction, such as drugs and alcohol. Some have spoke of withdrawal-like symptoms when the gamer goes without playing for any length of time. Just to clarify, just because you play a lot of video games does not mean you are addicted. Addicts have been known to play games consistently over a period of several days. One case of this is a boy, Xu Yan, who died after playing online games consistently for over fifteen days. Another is of a man who died from cardiac arrest after playing StarCraft continuously for fifty hours. There is a large distinction from being a gamer and an addict.
As is the tragic case with many addictions, there have been quite a few deaths involved. It is often difficult to prove Video Game Addiction as the main culprit, as it is not an official addiction, but there are a few in which Video Game Addiction is undeniably involved. In Philadelphia, Tyrone Spellman was convicted of third-degree-murder for killing his 17-month-old daughter in a rage over a broken Xbox. Ohio teen Daniel Petric shot his parents, killing his mother, after they took away his copy of Halo 3 in October
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At the 2006 annual meeting of the American Medical Association the CSAPH prepared a report on psychological effects of video games, including its addictive potential. Unfortunately, the report concluded that there was insufficient research into Video Game Addiction to label it as an addiction. They neglected to mention that the world’s first Video Game Addiction clinic opened in July 2006. This sparked worldwide media attention, who pointed to increasing popularity of video games and people who could not stop playing them

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