The Causes Of Teen Suicide In The United States

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Teen suicide is a huge problem in the United States and can easily be prevented.
Teen Suicide is a growing health concern that needs and can be prevented with the right care. It is the 3rd leading cause of death among teens in the United States. A study done in 2010 shows that more people died from suicide than car accidents. Many teens show signs of depression which could mean they are going through rough times in their lives. Many things can be going on in a teens life to trigger wanting to commit suicide. Such as stress, depression, family issues, physical or sexual abuse, relationships and many more.
“According to a 2004 report distributed by the National Institute of Mental Health research shows that risk factors for suicide include depression
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If a “leader” or “leaders” of a group are suicidal all the other members might feel like they need to join in on the self-destructive behavior. Copycat suicides also happen very often. One person commits suicide and that might influence another teen to as well. If a teen shows signs of this is it can be prevented by telling them that life is great and they will be missed very much. There is no doubt depression runs in certain families. Some families can and do influence teens to attempt suicide. Families need to be there for each because family should be everything when there is no one. Studies show that if one family member commits suicide that another is likely to also. Teens might feel hopeless and fear rejection from parents and this might trigger suicide. Parents might yell at teens in a verbal argument and teens don 't realize it 's anger talking. Which might make them depressed and may cause them to think about suicide.
The loss of someone close can influence suicide on a teen. They may become depressed and so unhappy that they think suicide is the answer. Everyone will lose someone close to them eventually. If it 's noticeable that someone is down we should all know that cheering them up is the answer to

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