Personal Statement: I Want To Attend College

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I have recently decided that I wanted to go to college and get a job that I want. I know that I will be in debt for a while, but hopefully and eventually I will get out of debt. Debt is the most common thing for college students. I think that going to college straight after high school when it begin to start that my mind will be fresh from all the good facts. It’s very hard to decide what I want to go to college for. My biggest worry is that I will go to college and change my major and not proceed what I wanted to do. These are some of my plans i want to do as i get out high school.
To begin, my life is very stressful and I know that it will get stressful as I continue to get out in the world. I have proceeded with what I wanted to do so I go back and forth. My first option that I want to do or go to college for is being a PE teacher.
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I think that what makes me stand out as in individual. I know that when i go to college when it starts my parents will have to go with me to sign the papers since i won 't be 18. I will graduate when i 'm 17 years old.There are some in my grade that will graduate when they are 17 so i 'm not all alone. The good thing about graduating when i 'm 17 years old that i will get out one year than anybody else. Also that help me when i go to college i can get my degree younger than others. I think that is what will make it nice. I think in life we may deal with some type of bullying or peer pressure. Since i 'm the youngest i see that kids will make fun of me because of that. I just ignore those silly things. I know that going to college is a big commitment and you have to decide now if you want to go because that will help you in the long run. You can go to college later in your life, but the sooner you get your degree or what it may be the more money you will make and you can pursue your dream

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