Essay The Causes and Effects of Global Health Issues.

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The Causes and Effects of Global Health Issues.

Despite the fact that a significant improvement has been made in medical treatment, global health is still a serious issue that needs addressing. One aspect of this is widespread diseases, which have been threatening nations all around the world, bringing about a number of problematic effects. Furthermore, developing countries are at a disadvantage in terms of reacting to these illnesses due to their high level of poverty and shortage of education. In particular, cancer, AIDS, and malaria are considered to be severe diseases in developing countries. Therefore, possible causes and effects of these particular diseases will be discussed in this essay.

Cancer has been regarded as the most
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In addition, AIDS infections in those countries are increasing (Harries, 2003). There are a number of causes of AIDS. One of these is the costly prevention programs and treatments. A large majority of countries in Africa such as Angola, Namibia, and Zambia do not have enough money to treat AIDS. Therefore, children in those countries lack education; as a result, they do not have sufficient knowledge to protect themselves from AIDS (British Medical Journal, 2002). The attitude towards sexual behavior is another cause of AIDS, that is to say, people are unwilling to talk about sexual behavior openly. Pakenham (2004) points out that the general public in China feels ashamed of talking about sex in public. He also claims that the majority of people in developing countries have a false sense of AIDS. They tend to believe AIDS only has a connection with homosexual men and illegal-drug users. However, these people do not understand that the causes of AIDS are not exclusive of these two ways. There are still other causes of AIDS, for instance, blood-to-blood contact, unprotected sexual contact, and contact between a pregnant infected mother and her child (Pakenham, 2004).

There are two main effects of AIDS. The first is at a national level and one aspect of this is that AIDS can cause a decline in labor supply so that there will be less labor force in

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